Chairman's Message








Education is the basic foundational pillar for human values, personal & professional growth. Focus of education should be on all-round development, balancing appropriately between academics, sports, social responsibilities, environmental awareness, strengthening moral fabric and inculcating empathy, courage, humility and discipline as core values.


Our endeavour should be to coopt contemporary best practices & teaching methodologies to include experiential learning, role modelling techniques supported by IT based platforms like Smart Boards. Requirement is also to upgrade the standards in terms of faculty development, infrastructure, facilities & steer consistently towards continual improvement. Teachers, like parents, have a major role in the overall development of children & must therefore act as role models.


I welcome parents and students to be a part of KVS fraternity to share & contribute ideas and aspirations. Let our vision be to collectively inspire & develop our children to be responsible & honest citizens of our Country with strong values & embedded patrotism.





Maj Gen D S Jolly 

Chairman VMC